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Why Purchase From Snazal Books For Schools:

  • Snazal books wholesale offers fantastic range of school reading books for all ages.
  • Snazal accept Purchase Orders from Schools & Libraries with in UK.
  • Provides up to 80% Discount on Most of its titles, with large range of books to choose from.
  • Up to 60 Days Credit Facility available upon approval.
  • Snazal is City Council’s Approved Distributor with EXOR Certification with in UK.
  • Provides Free UK Delivery on orders over £30.00 and very low international postage rates.
  • Gives a dedicated Schools’ Manager to look after your needs and will get you in touch with Book Charity organisations with in UK, so schools can be entitled to some FREE books.
  • Provides Fully Updated Online Catalog with easy online ordering services.
  • Children Books Specialist with Over 10 Years of Book selling Experience.
  • Books Categorised in Colour Bands, Key Stages and Age Groups for easy identification.
  • Can provide your school with a complete range of books for your school library.
  • Inform your school if any book grants are available through trusted UK organisations.

Schools Can Now Pay By Purchase Orders

We recognise that some schools prefer to place a Purchase Order and we are happy to accept this payment method. Purchase Orders are accepted from UK educational establishments only and must be confirmed in writing.


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To find out more about trusted book charities which can help your schools please CLICK HERE.

Schools within our area looking to work with us

Catherine Infant School

Kiddy Care

Mellor Community Primary School

Rushey Mead Primary School

Rushey Mead Secondary School

Windsor House Day Nursery

The City of Leicester College

Coleman Primary School

Crown Hill Community College

Judgemeadow Community College

Mayflower Primary School

Medway Community Primary School

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